Troubleshooting: "I connected my patient’s meter but it won’t upload."

Meter Uploads

If you followed the instructions for connecting a blood glucose meter but the device won’t upload glucose data, read these troubleshooting questions:

Is the device securely connected?

Double-check that the cable connecting the glucose monitoring device to the computer is securely connected on both ends. Be sure that you connect the cable to the monitoring device first, then connect the other end to your computer.

Are you using the correct cable?

Be sure to use the cable specified for use with the patient’s device. Different meters require different types of cables. Not all USB cables are created the same. Please verify the correct cable with the meter manufacturer.

Is more than one device connected to the computer?

The LibreView system may not be able to connect if more than one meter is connected to your computer at the same time.

Are you using a compatible device?

Check the list of supported meters to make sure the device is compatible with the LibreView system.

Is the battery charged?

Make sure the battery on the meter is charged. If the battery is dead, the meter will not be able to upload data.

Are you using the correct computer / web browser?

LibreView will be supported in the following browsers on Windows 7 or higher computers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher Google Chrome release 37.0 or higher Mozilla Firefox release 32.0 or higher. LibreView is supported in the Safari Browser on Mac OS X Yosemite or higher computers. LibreView data may also be viewed on iOS 6 or higher mobile devices; Minimum system requirements for Windows 7 are a 550MHz Pentium 3, 512MB DRAM, 2G Hard Drive and USB 2.0.

If you followed the above instructions and you are still having trouble uploading, contact the Support team.

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