Set Up Remote Monitoring

My Patient Dashboard

The LibreView system gives you the option to upload your patient’s glucose monitor when they come into the clinic, or view your patient’s glucose data when they upload from home. To be able to see the glucose data a patient uploads from home, the Practice feature on your account must be enabled, and your patient’s account must be linked to your account.* There are two ways to establish this connection between your accounts:

Option 1 Send an email invitation

Log in to LibreView and click the 'my patients' icon in the upper left corner to view the My Patients screen. Click the 'Invite Patient' link near the bottom of the My Patients screen. From the next screen, fill in the patient’s personal information, then click Invite to send an email inviting him or her to link accounts. Once the patient accepts your invitation (and establishes a LibreView account if they do not yet have one), you will be able to see all their remote glucose data uploads.

Option 2 Using your ‘Practice ID’

If your patient already has a LibreView account, they can allow you to see their data by entering your LibreView Practice ID to their My Practices page. If you have enabled the Practice feature on your account, you can find your Practice ID by clicking the navigation icon in the upper right to open the side menu. Your Practice ID will appear about halfway down the menu. * The patient version of the LibreView system is compatible with Abbott Diabetes Care meters only.

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