My Patients Dashboard Overview

My Patient Dashboard

The My Patients screen displays a list of all the patients in your practice, along with some basic health-related information. From here, you can search for a specific patient record, or sort the list of patients to find the most recently uploaded reports. If there are a few patients that you plan to monitor remotely, you can “star” those patients so that it is easier to keep track of their recent uploads.

Step 1 Log in

As soon as you log in click the 'my patients' icon in the upper left corner to be taken to the My Patients screen. From here, you can complete any of several tasks:

Invite patients

To invite patients to upload glucose data from home, you must first enable the Practice feature on your account. Once your Practice feature is enabled, you can click on the Invite Patient link at the bottom of the My Patients screen. This will allow you to send an email to a patient inviting them to sign up for LibreView. Note: The “home” symbol in the left column indicates a patient is already set up for remote monitoring. Only patients with Abbott Diabetes Care monitors can upload from home using the patient version of the LibreView system.

Sort the list

As your patient list grows, you may need different ways to sort the list. Click the column headers to re-sort the list by different criteria.

Example: Click the ‘Status’ column header to see the patients with the most recent glucose uploads first.

Search for a specific patient

Click the green search button to open the patient search bar.

Enter the patient’s name and/or date of birth, then click the Search button to find a specific patient. Click the ‘X’ to close the search bar. Learn more about searching for patients

Star Patients

If you have certain patients you would like to view at the top of the list, click the star next to their name. To remove it, click the star again. To view only starred patients, click the star in the column header, and all your starred patients will appear at the top of the list. You may also select the option to view only your starred patients from the dropdown list displayed.

Filter the Patient list

Click the dropdown menu to the right of the My Patients header to see different options for filtering your list of patients. You can choose to view all patients in your LibreView account, or filter the list to show only your starred patients, or only patients who upload from home.

Edit Columns

To add or remove columns, first click the Edit Columns button on the far right of the screen. Next you will see the Edit Columns screen. Select the columns you would like to display from the Available Columns list. Drag and drop columns in the Active Columns list to manage the order in which they will appear onscreen, or click the minus symbol next to the ones you would like to remove. Learn More about editing columns

Create a Flag

When you have many patients in your practice, flags help you to keep track of the ones who may need more attention.

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