Create A Care Team

LibreView Practices

Once you have enabled the practice feature on your LibreView professional account, you can invite healthcare professionals to join your practice under the Care Team tab. Any healthcare professional who joins your care team will be able to view data and reports for all patients in your practice. You can also remove care team members any time from this Care Team page.

Step 1 Open the side menu

Click the navigation symbol in the upper right corner to open the side menu.

Step 2 Select ‘Practice Info’

Click the Practice Info link.

Step 3 Click ‘Care Team’

Click on the Care Team tab.

Step 4 Invite new members

You will see a list of all healthcare professionals who are connected to this practice. Enter the email address of the new member you would like to invite, then click the Invite button. Repeat this step for each person you would like to invite. When a healthcare professional accepts your invitation, they will be added to your Care Team list, and will be able to upload meters, view patient data, and create reports.

Step 5 Remove members

To remove a care team member, click the red X in the row with their name.

Any care team members you remove will no longer be able to see glucose reports for patients in this LibreView practice, and they will no longer be able to upload patient data to this practice.

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